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Welcome to the PSX On-Line web site.

Please visit our sister site for all your console accessory requirements.

Please also refer to the Snipebrook web site for all your  MODCHIP purchases

PSX On-Line is THE site for Playstation Modchips. This site includes information about the Modchips themselves, what they do, how to fit them and of course how to buy them direct.

The copying of games is illegal in many (if not most) countries. PSX On-Line or any other associated companies do not condone the illegal copying and/or distribution of computer software for the Playstation or any other format.

PLEASE, do not ask for advice on where to buy copied games. We do not know, nor do we wish to know. No links will be included to sites selling games, please do not ask for their inclusion.

Pages on this site detailing how to copy a game are there to show end users how to LEGALLY make BACKUP copies of their games.

This is not a full analysis of the applicable Copyright laws and should not be treated as comprehensive advice on the subject of software piracy. If in doubt seek legal advice.

Last revision : Monday March 19, 2001


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