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The Big Playstation Book
(Secrets of the Games Series.)
by Nick Roberts

Book Description
Over 100 of the hottest PlayStation games are covered in this jumbo guide. Find all the tips, hints, secrets, and cheat codes you need to be a master gamer!

"The Big PlayStation Book" binds together the last four Playstation Game Secrets volumes into one mega guide for PlayStation. This comprehensive title addresses over 100 games, providing key hints, strategies, maps, commentary, ratings, and reviews.


Playstation Pocket Power Guide
Unauthorized - Codes, Cheats, and Tips for More Than 70 Killer Games
by PCS

Book Description
Killer codes, cheats, and tips for more than 70 games! Master games like, Air Combat, College Slam, Rayman, Speed Racer, Tekken 2, Tomb Raider, Zero Divide, and many more!

Sony PlayStation is the most popular 32-bit game machine, and this book covers the hottest games released on the platform, providing hints, strategies, maps, commentary, and reviews for each game. Games covered include Battle Arena Toshinden 2, Alien Trilogy, Return Fire, Mortal Kombat 3, StreetFighter Alpha, Tekken 2, NBA In the Zone, Primal Rage, Resident Evil, Thunderstrike 2, King's Field, and Descent.


The Big Playstation Book
by PCs (Editor)

Book Description
Over 100 more games are covered in this second edition of The Big PlayStation Book. Get the hottest tips and coolest tricks for Tomb Raider II, WCW Nitro, Breath of Fire III, and many more of your favorite games!


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