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There are a number of Playstations available. Models 1002, 55x2, 7002, 750x and 9002 and the new PSOne (Model 102). The 1000 series is divided into the old and new versions. The 5000 series consists of the 5502 and 5552 models.

The version number for your Playstation can be found on the underside of your console, it is located on a sticker preceded by the letters "SCPH".

Modchip installation is basically the same across all Playstation models.

The installation notes are available on line together with the diagrams for wiring the chip into the main board.

Wiring diagrams are available for

Older 1002 model See note below
Newer 1002 model See note below
55x2 model
700x model
750x model
9002 model
PSOne (102) model

Installation instructions (1002/55x2/700x Models).

Installation instructions (750x Model).

Installation Instructions (PSOne/102 Model)


1002 Models

We do not recommed installation in 1002 playstations - as these suffer from a laser head problem that causes skipping, and often fail to load games. This usually occurs after around 30 minutes of playing. This is caused by an overheating problem due to the proximity of the laser head to the power supply.

If you install a chip and see this problem, this is not a fault of the chip. Whilst it is possible to replace the laser head, this only delays the inevitable. If your PSX suffers from intermittent reading problems before installation, it may be best to sell it now and replace it with a new unit. No models after the 1002 suffer from this problem as the laser heads were moved away from the power supply.



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