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DISCLAIMER NOTICE – Please read this before installing your chip

This modchip is not designed as an official product to be used with the Sony Playstation. Playstation is a registered trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment. The modchip is a microcontroller that has been programmed with specially written code/software that allows it to function as a modchip. The software in the chip is also not licensed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

This modchip is sold to you on the understanding that

I and my re-sellers will not be held responsible for any damage to your Sony Playstation caused by fitting this chip.
I and my re-sellers will not be held responsible for any misuse of this chip.
You understand that by fitting this chip, it will invalidate any warranty you have on your Playstation.

If you continue on with this installation then you have agreed to all the terms above.


 You will need a soldering iron with a very fine tip, not one that’s the size of a spade as there are some fine soldering points. If you are not too good with a soldering iron then I suggest you do not fit this chip yourself.

1. Removal of the Playstation cover.

Disconnect the power to your Playstation. Remove the screws from underneath. Turn right side up and lift the top cover off.

2. Removal of the laser.

[Do this very carefully, if you damage the cables you will need a new laser unit – these do not come cheap!]

Pull the ribbon cable straight up gently by the white card bit. Gently disconnect the grey wires by pulling straight up. Lift off the laser unit once all wires are free.

3. Removal of the controller unit ribbon cable & power lead.

Gently ease the controller unit ribbon cable from the main board and unhook it from the clamp holding it in place. Disconnect the power lead from both ends. Leave it attached to the clamp on the metal shield.

4. Removal of the heavy metal bracket.

Remove the screws holding the bracket in place. Lift off the bracket.

5. Removal of the silver shielding.

Carefully desolder all the shielding mounting points. Use slight upward pressure to lever each point free. Lift shielding straight up. NB two leftmost solder points are through-board points.

6. Prepare chip & board.

Tin the ends of the wires and the points on the board to be soldered.

7. Fit chip to board.

Solder the wires on your board using the points shown in the diagrams.

8. Finish off.

Once you have soldered all the points double check to make sure you have not soldered between any 2 points that were close together, and to see all the wires match the pin numbers. Resolder the silver shielding and attach the heavy bracket – pulling the chip and its wires through the hole in the shield where the laser ribbon cable or power cable connect. Stick the chip to the metal bracket and complete the re-assembly of your Playstation making sure not to trap any of the wires going to the chip. If you have installed this kit correctly then your Playstation is converted.

Additional Hints

Never position the chip near the power supply. The best place is on top of the metal bracket.

When playing imports, you need to use an RGB SCART LEAD between your Playstation and TV or you will only be able to play the import games in black and white – your TV screen may even roll!


It seems that when a machine with a chip in it exhibits some sort of problem or perceived deficiency, the mod chip is the first thing everyone blames. Folks, in 99% of the cases THE CHIP IS NOT THE PROBLEM! Here is a breakdown of common problems and their likely causes.

This is almost always an indicator that a wiring mistake was made. It is very important to have clean, well-formed solder connections to the board wiring points and the chip. If any of them are wrong or are poorly soldered, then the chip is not going to function properly. The chip is not the problem – the installation is. Double-check and re-solder suspect connections. Make sure wires don’t get trapped under screws. Make sure the wires don’t short against other circuit points.


Machine comes up with CD menu or "Insert CD-ROM" screen

This is almost certainly a wiring error. The only way this can happen is if the mod chip signals are garbled by poor wiring or missing or improper wiring. The difference between CD-R and masked production discs in regard to booting is large enough to allow for this uncommon problem.


My backups boot, but my originals do not (very rare)

This is a common question, although the chips allow you to play the imported game, you need an RGB SCART LEAD for it to play in colour.

Imported games appear in black and white on TV



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